Whitney Young Pool

6500 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

Council District A

Whitney Young Pool


  • Pool (outdoor, summer)



Status of Whitney Young Pool:  Due to outdoor pools being empty (9) nine months out of the year, pools are left exposed to elements that compromise the structure and technical equipment.  This summer, when preparing Whitney Young Pool to open, NORD discovered the weight of the water caused a pipe to burst and the pool could not maintain the proper water level to safely balance the pool chemicals.  We are working with the City of New Orleans Capital Projects Administration (CPA) Department to locate the construction plans for Whitney Young Pool that will prevent unnecessary digging and disruption to the property.  We do not have an exact completion date for the repairs. We encourage residents to visit Lyons Pool, 624 Louisiana Avenue or Rosenwald Pool, 1120 S. Broad Street.  Both outdoor pools are in the Uptown New Orleans area. Hours of operation, and program schedules for all open summer pools may be found by visiting www.nordc.org. ​

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