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About Our Pools

All pools are fully-accessible and staffed with friendly, professional lifeguards. For everyone’s enjoyment, health, safety, and protection, please take a few moments to review the pool rules which include requirements for bathing attire and flotation devices.To view pool rules click here.

Pool closures

All indoor pools are closed from 12:00pm - 1:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for mandatory maintenance and cleaning.

Pools may become temporarily closed in any case of bad weather. In compliance with national aquatics safety standards, outdoor and indoor pools will be closed immediately if lightning or thunder is present in or around the area. The pool will remain closed until 30 minutes after the last visible lightning strike or episode of thunder

Lap Swimming & More

Programming available at no cost.  Age restrictions may apply.  

Year Round Pools

Year-Round Pool hours are as follows.

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday 9am-1pm


  • Joe W. Brown Indoor Pool - 5601 Read Blvd. (Temporarily closed for repairs.)
  • Gert Town Natatorium - 3411 Broadway St.
  • Sanchez Indoor Pool - 1616 Caffin Ave.
  • Treme Indoor - 900 N. Villere St.

How to Register for Swim Lessons and other aquatic programs

Please call 504.658.3044.

Participants can only register for one class per session to ensure the availability to all patrons interested. Participants must attend the first class or they will be dropped from the course.


We are proud to offer American Red Cross Progressive Swim Lessons to the community. Please see the class availability for the pool of your choice. Registration is completed at each individual pool. Please see class descriptions and offerings within this brochure to assist with registrations.

Disclaimer: On the Wednesday before the registration deadline, courses will be assessed for minimum numbers. If a course does not have 3 registered participants on that date, it will be canceled.

Swim Lesson Descriptions

Parent Child Aquatics: Levels 1 & 2

6–36 mos. (Tadpoles 1-2)
This is a parent guided course. Instructors teach the parent basic water orientation skills to perform with their child, including guiding parents with methods to accomplish those skills.
An adult must be in the water with each student.

Preschool Aquatics: Levels 1–3

Ages 3–5 (Nemo 1-3)
This course is designed for the first experience in the pool without the parent. Students learn water safety, water exploration, survival, and basic water skills such as blowing bubbles and kicking. Course is leveled. Successful completion of one level is required for participation in the next.

Learn to Swim: Levels 1–5

Ages 6-12, 13-16, 16+, Adults

Level I (Starfish 1, Shark 1, Dolphin 1)
No Prerequisites.  Level 1 is designed to accomplish basic water comfort, basic water safety skills, beginning kicking, rudimentary arm movements, blowing bubbles and submerging the face.

Level 2 (Starfish 2, Shark 2, Dolphin 2)
Level 2 is designed to build on Level 1 skills as well as adding skills: independent movement, combined arm and leg action on front and back, gliding, retrieving objects under water and water safety skills. Prerequisite successful completion of Level 1.

Level 3 course begins the formation of strokes. Putting the parts together to perform a basic front crawl or elementary backstroke, kick like a dolphin, learn about diving, survival float, and add to their water safety skills. Prerequisite successful completion of Level 2.

Level 4 (Starfish 4, Shark 4, Dolphin 4)
Level 4 focuses on improving the basic stroke developed in Level 3. Breaststroke and sidestroke fundamentals and dolphin kick and backstroke are a part of this course. Prerequisite successful completion of Level 3.

Level 5 (Master Swimmer)
Level 5 is where students will refine their strokes. This is the fine tuning of all six major strokes; elementary backstroke, front crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, backstroke and butterfly. At the successful completion of this level, the student is prepared to progress to a competitive level, swim club or swim team. Prerequisite successful completion of Level 4.

Adult Swim Workshop 

Not ready for lap swimming? Enroll in our Adult Learn to Swim courses. Beginner through refresher courses available.   

Lap Swim

Lap lanes are available all day at our year round pools. Swimming is a very healthy way to work out!  Visit for more information.

Pre Lifeguard Training 

This is a lifeguarding program designed for the individual that would like to become a lifeguard in the future.  Participants are introduced to lifesaving skills and basic lifeguarding knowledge.  The training will consist of shallow and deep water rescues, first aid, and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  FREE 


Junior Lifeguard Program 

This is a pre lifeguarding program designed for the individual that would like to become a lifeguard in the future. Participants are introduced to lifesaving skills, basic lifeguarding knowledge and introduces an 11–14 year old to the world of lifeguarding. Prerequisites:
swim 25 yards front crawl with a breathing pattern; swim 25 yards breast stroke using
a pull, breathe, kick and glide sequence; tread water for 1 minute using arms and legs;
float on the back for 30 seconds; swim 10 feet under water.  

Water Aerobics: Low Impact/High Impact

Join one of our water aerobics classes for non-weight bearing exercise. No prerequisites.
Ages 16+. Visit for more information. 

Master Swimmer Class

Designed for swimmers who have completed all levels of Shark classes and want to improve their stroke and swim on a competitive level.  

Swim Team

This competitive program offers the opportunity to improve swimming skills, endurance and promote a healthy lifestyle. Ages 5–18.  FREE to participate.   


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