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Exercise May Help Boost Your Memory and Brain Functioning

Exercise May Help Boost Your Memory and Brain Functioning

If you are looking for another reason to fit in fitness during the holiday season, try doing it for your brain...

Meet Steve Martin

Meet Steve Martin

Steve Martin is the current Director of the NORDC Athletics department. His mission is to provide a quality program that offers life lessons and builds character.

STEM Education: Molding Tomorrows Leaders

STEM Education: Molding Tomorrows Leaders

STEM education engages students and equips them with critical thinking, problem solving, creative, and collaborative skills. An early introduction to STEM trainings ultimately establishes a connection between school, the work place, and the global economy. 

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NORDC volunteer coaches serve as positive role models for our youth athletics participants. In addition to teaching our youth the rules and fundamentals, coaches are responsible for teaching good sportsmanship, character, discipline, and teamwork.

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